Hi! Welcome to TNT Creates. I am Taci. It’s nice to meet you! 

Why TNT Creates? Well, that’s easy. I am TNT (that’s my initials) and as you can see, I CREATE!

I love to create all sorts of things which is what lead me to this shop and blog! 

I live in beautiful North County San Diego with my boyfriend, our beautiful daughter “Bean”, silly mutt, Tory, and Amiina, our weirdo siamese cat. When I am not working my day job, I can be found hiking, traveling, taking pictures, dancing, making crafts, doing household projects, and all sorts of stuff.

A little back story: 

I have been crafty my whole life, there are photos of me drawing as soon as was big enough to hold a pencil. My mom has one of those mom boxes with all of my random art and creations I have made over the years, they are so fun to look back on. 

Later, I found my love of digital art, graduating with an AA and creative and applied arts and going on to get a certificate in Design Media. 

Fast forward to a few years ago when my love of both digital and physical crafting collided. I got a Cricut cutting machine for my birthday and quickly began to design all my own SVGs. I love the process from start to finish! 

Over time with more and more people asking me where I got my SVGs I decided it was time to start a shop and share them all with you! 

To see many of these SVGs in action stay tuned to the blog where I share tips, tricks, and project ideas!