The Best Stainless Steel Cleaner isn’t Stainless Steel Cleaner!

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Natural is the new fad, and you know what? I am fine with that. For most things anyway. Not Trix cereal… bring on the artificial colors! But that is a post for another day. Today I am going to quickly tell you about a product I recently purchased that I love! It’s an all-purpose cleaner by the brand Method. I love method, this will not be the last post you see about it! A year or two ago I gave up on most cleaners, they smelled strong and dried out my hands and I just decided meh. I tossed it all out. I left baking soda, vinegar, and blue dawn. (yes, the blue one) While that is fabulous and cleans everything swimmingly, I found I wanted something simple for wiping down my countertops. While wondering the isles of Target, a dangerous thing to do, I came across this stuff. This one is the apple one, there are other smells if apple isn’t your thing. Of course, like many things at target, it came home with me. I grabbed a microfiber cloth and started cleaning my kitchen. It smells so good! I wanted to clean every surface so my house would smell like this! Now, when I say every surface I mean it! I went after my stainless steel appliances with this stuff and OH MY G. It did a fine just on the counters, nothing to write home about (or this review rather) but my stainless! It cleaned it so much better than the stuff I have that’s made just for stainless. If you have stainless steel appliances I whole heartily recommend this stuff and for $3!? You can’t beat it. I bought 2 more bottles for my mom and boyfriend’s mom. Get some. here.