Installing a Pull-Out Under The Sink Shelf

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If you have read my prior posts where I installed a pull-out trash can and some sliding pantry shelves you know I am all about organizing with pull-out things in my cabinets. The other day I was under my sink looking for a sponge for my little sponge wand and was digging through the basket of things, it occurred to me how inefficient this was and that it was time to do something about it. I went straight to Amazon and ordered this pull out under the sink shelf.

I should feel fortunate to have cleaning supplies to organize I suppose. The shelves of the stores have been bare for a couple of weeks now due to Covid-19. It is an interesting time, that is for sure. Being home under the “safer at home” order I needed something to do anyway. Despite having prime my shipment actually took 4 days. I am not complaining though, everything is delayed right now and I am just happy it came.

These shelves come in different sizes and shapes, measuring the space I opted for this one. I liked the smaller shelf for sponges and such. Note that if it is going under a sink you need to account for the plumbing, garbage disposal and whatever else might be under there. This one is a little smaller than the space I had but knew I could install it in a way to get the most use out of it. Like most of these pull-out shelves, it is very easy to do. I had it installed in about 30 minutes.

Before shot. I mean, it’s not that bad… but it isn’t great.

Installing a Pull-Out Under The Sink Shelf

Clean out the shelf, wipe it down too for good measure.

Remove from the box, take off all of the plastic and packing stuff and layout the parts.

Assemble the shelf. The two rods that come with it go in the holes are already there and the top connects the same way. Very Easy.

Place the track in the base of the cabinet. Use the guide that comes with it if needed, for me the lip on the cabinet worked as a guide.

Use the provided wood screws (pointy on the tip) to secure the track. Start with the front then secure the back. I usually don’t tighten them all the way till they are all in place.

Once the track is secure use the mounting screws (flat tip) to secure the shelf to the track. You can secure it either way to have the top basket on the right or the left.

That is it! Add your things to the shelf and stand back and admire your handy work.

Isn’t it lovely?? Look at all that space I saved too. I have room for more things whenever they are in stock again. Not going to lie, this has created a monster in me. I have 3 more in my cart awaiting the bathrooms. SLIDE OUT ALL THE THINGS!

Let’s chat in the comments, do you like this? Have you installed one yourself?