How to Make a Bow Without Glue

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I was that person this year… My Christmas wreath adorns my door well into the month of March (facepalm). The reason being was that I planned to make a new wreath for the door and procrastinated (per usual). Finally got around to making the said wreath. I was determined to not use glue for this project since I have had issues with longevity on prior wreathes and glue. This means also making a bow without glue.

Pretty wreath with bow without glue

Any good wreath needs a bow. So like any good Crafter, I made one. It’s a pretty great bow without glue, so I thought I would show you how I made it so you can make one for your own wreath.. or maybe you will put it on a gift! or in your hair? I would suggest a much smaller version if that is the case though. Anywho. Here we go.

Steps to Make a Bow Without Glue

And there you have it! A big pretty bow without glue, perfect for any project! What sorts of projects will you use this bow on? Tell me in the comments!