Hello! My name is Taciana N Thompson, I just go by Taci (It’s pronounced toss-E, I know its a weird one!). Why TNT Creates? Well, Because I am TNT and I create! I have been a creative person my whole life, always coloring, drawing, doodling, playing with clay… really anything that was about creating something. I live in beautiful North County San Diego with my boyfriend, silly little mutt, Tory and our newest family member, Amiina, the siamese cat that thinks she is a dog. When I am not working my day job, I can be found hiking, traveling, taking pictures, dancing, making crafts, doing household projects and all sorts of stuff.

I picked up my first camera in high school, it was a gift from my dad. I didn’t know then it would be such an important thing in my life. At first I hated people in my photos, I liked landscapes and only landscapes, the rest was clutter. A few years later I found myself employed at a retail photo studio in a mall where people were in all of my photos! That was the beginning of my love of portraiture. After a couple years in a retail studio I realized I needed more creative freedoms and began to freelance. I have been a freelance photographer ever since. I love to shoot so if you have a project for me, I am likely in. I do however specialize in portraits, weddings, boudoir and, of course, travel. Those landscape roots never left me. I am often asked what my “style” is. The best way I can describe it is “storytelling”. Every single shoot I do tells a different story, sometimes an image in a shoot might find it’s own story. Everything down to the editing choices I make are just a piece of the story. So I may not have that style that you can sum up in three words, or where every image has the same moody shadows and desaturated feel. The consistency is that every photo tells its story.

“Find what is unique about a person, focus on that”

I LOVE to travel. Which goes hand in hand with that love of photography of mine. I love to see different cultures and learn its history. I would say I have wanderlust for sure. I have been quite a few places already including England, Paris, Germany, Bahamas, Jamaica, and Iceland. I have traveled around to some parts of the United States too of course. You will read all about all of my many adventures here in this blog!

Another thing you will be reading all about is all my fun little DIY projects. I have been a homeowner since 2012, where I learned really quickly that it gets pretty expensive to call in a “pro” so I gathered my resources and started learning how to do things around the house myself. I also found I loved to decorate my little house. Nothing was ever perfect, so I made it myself! I love making little things for my place and for my friends and family. I recently expanded to Etsy!

I hope you like hearing my stories and seeing my photographs and projects! I look forward to sharing with you!